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Pandora RW smart watch has been updated

Pandora RW Smart Whatch

Pandora RW smart watch has been updated by Pandora engineers. Device has a new design and new circuit technique now.

GPS/GLONASS antenna has become more sensitive; watch synchronizes time using GPS so time is accurate within a fraction of a second. Also 2,4 GHz encryption algorithm has been slightly updated too.

Pandora RW Smart Whatch on hand

As for design — it has become even more stylish and modern, and so has the package.

Pandora RW is a unique mean of control — you may use all the abilities of your Pandora alarm system via smart watch. Also Pandora RW can be used as an immobilizer tag so you can forgot about all pagers and additional tags — all you need is wear a smart watch on your wrist.

Of course Pandora will not stop to support the first watch version — a new update with new functions is coming soon!

Pandora RW Smart Whatch box
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12.12.2019, 23:04
Is a waterproof version in the works? Thanks
Pandora team
19.12.2019, 15:01
Jay, hi, this watch is not waterproof. Our new Pandora Watch 2.0 meets the IP67 standard, though.
16.07.2019, 06:42
Hello i see the round watch on video from UK Goodwood. Is the round watch the new europa version.?
Pandora team
25.07.2019, 17:19
Michael, hi! No, that will be a completely different model. We don't know the release date yet, unfortunately.
02.06.2019, 11:46
Hello.i have in my car pandora smart pro and mobile with android.the rw 04 pandora watch is compatible, and rw 04 is the latest model watch? Many thank
Pandora team
04.06.2019, 17:28
Aris, hi, yes to both your questions.
23.03.2019, 22:28
Is the watch compatible with IPhone ? Or will it be?
Pandora team
23.04.2019, 14:27
Stephen, Hi! No, unfortunately, it is not. We don't think the manufacturer will add compatibility with iOS in the nearest future.
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