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Pandect X-3000 is available now

Pandect X-3000 is available now


Car alarm system Pandect X-3000 is available now — it is a first system working with Pandect Info app for Android. You can also control a system via online-service.

Pandect X-3000 uses the same radiopath with Pandora DXL 5000 Pro and DXL 3970 Pro — it guarantees high defence level and compatibility with new Pandora accessories: NAV-035, RНM-6, IS-850 (IS-855).

Base unit has a special form and an integrated aerial so there is no more need in an RF-module, and an installation process will be easier.

You will appreciate a remote start function — in winter it allows to get in a warm interior and don’t waste time to heat an engine, in summer you will get in a cool car.

Pandect X-3000 has an integrated immobilizer bypass compatible with a lot of cars so car owner can keep both car keys and doesn’t give one of them in order to realize a remote start.

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