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Pandora took part in Interauto exhibition

Pandora InterAuto 2015

Pandora run a technical conference as a part of Interauto-2015 exhibition in Moscow. Pandora technical specialists introduced to an audience a company developing strategy for 2016, told about advance inventions and advantages of coming ups and already available systems.

There are almost 95% cars having a CAN-bus – of course, Pandora is focused on developing systems with CAN, but also there always be worthy solutions for other cars.

Car alarm system Pandect X-1700 will come up soon – it will have 2,4 GHz radiopath also used in a PRO model line, and will be compatible with a new Pandect Info app for Android. Pandect X-3000 also is almost prepared for a release – it will have 2CAN, LIN, GSM, 2,4 GHz radiopath and an immobilizer bypass.

New function “coded immobilizer” will be used as an additional defence point – in order to disarm a system car owner will need to enter a PIN-code using some buttons in a car interior – for example, buttons placed on a steering wheel. Only after that authorisation all blockages will be killed.

Pandora DXL 5000 Pro will be updated for version 2.0 – it will use new LCD remote D650 working by a micro-USB accumulator (not a battery as it used to have), new online-service v.2 and Pandora Info mobile app v.2

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