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Meet a new 4G alarm system with record-breaking power efficiency.

The D-024 remote has been developed to take over from the D-022.

Meet the most affordable 4G alarm system in Pandora's model line.

This affordable novelty has everything necessary to provide your car with a high level of security.

The system features a 4G modem, Bluetooth 5.0 interface and a GPS/GLONASS module.

Meet our new Bluetooth immobilizer - Pandect IS-572 BT.

We are thrilled to announce that we now ship via DHL!

Now we stock reusable protective face masks with a pocket for replacement filters. The masks are soft and nice to the feel, comfy when worn for a long time.

The new Pandect X-1800 L is already in stock – the system has preserved all the functions of the Pandect X-1800 BT, but has a much nicer price tag due to some changes in the set.

The Mercedes-Benz GLE is a frequent guest at our service centers. We’d like to show you three variants of a reliable anti-theft protection for this car.

The new DXL 47xx platform features a 4G/LTE modem (works in 3G and 2G as well) employing two antennae, which guarantees high sensitivity and absence of disconnection while driving.

All modern Pandora and Pandect alarms now feature immobilizer bypass for Nissan and Infiniti 2000-2007.

The Pandora Watch 2 communicates with your smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0 and can also control over your Bluetooth Pandora system directly.

We are introducing a new GSM/GPS module meant for the Pandora alarm systems – the Pandora NAV-X.

Our new Pandect X-3190, which is based on the Pandect X-3150, features all the interfaces that are vital for a modern car alarm system: 2CAN, LIN, IMMO-KEY, Bluetooth, 868MHz LoRa and, of course, GSM/GPRS.

Check out our super-affordable two-way alarm system: Pandora DX-6x. The alarm doesn’t feature remote start but Pandora’s signature reliability is on the place, to be sure.

We are rolling out our new moto security system – Pandora Smart Moto. The system features Bluetooth, GSM and CAN interfaces, has an emergency power source and a GPS antenna.

The new Pandora DX-9x is based on our bestseller, Pandora DX-90 B, and differs from it by its set: the novelty is even more affordable thanks to the absence of an immobilizer tag.

We are eager to introduce Pandora DX-91 LoRa – our first system featuring Bluetooth 5.0. Among its other advantages – 2хCAN, LIN, micro USB, 868 MHz and IMMO/KEY interfaces.

Caravaning Hamburg – an annual international auto show – was held in Hamburg (Germany) from 6 to 10 February. The show was all about caravans, campers, trailers and related outdoor activities.

Our Pandora BT app, first developed for Android, helps you install, configure and control your alarm system. Now welcome Pandora BT for iOS!

Pandora DX-91 features a new D-020 remote – its display is almost twice as big as its predecessor’s (D-010), whereas the body is even thinner. The device operates on 868 radiofrequency and allows using all the functions available in the system.

In the latest update of Pandora’s firmware we added compatibility with 11 new cars and extended functionality for many cars that Pandora has already worked with.

Pandora DXL 4910 makes premium class features affordable for every car owner. This is due to the fact that the remotes, immobilizer relay and hood module that appear in our flagship device Pandora DXL 4970 were taken out of the novelty’s set.

The novelty is a light version of our flaghip – Pandora DXL 4970.  Preserving all its functions, Pandora DXL 4950 is available for a more affordable price since it doesn’t have an additional remote, a siren and a Bluetooth relay BTR-101 in its set.

We are glad to present our novelty – Pandora DX-50 S. The system is based on our previous model, Pandora DX-50 B – the difference is in the new remote, lower power consumption and lower price of the new system!

Check out our new Bluetooth immobilizer with tags and mobile app for iOS and Android.

Meet Pandora D-030 – our new miniature remote for Pandora and Pandect alarms that feature Bluetooth. This ergonomic device will be of use for everyone who would like to continue using a remote but get a smaller and more modern one.

We are happy to announce that Pandora DXL 4970, Pandect X-1800 BT and Pandect X-1900 BT 3G alarm systems now provide the ability to bypass an integrated immobilizer in Mercedes-Benz.  

Dear friends, our team wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! On December 31 we work till 2 pm, and from January 3 we work according with our regular shop hours. 

Pandora DXL 4970 is our best system as of 2018. The system features Bluetooth interface, 3G GSM module, integrated GPS/GLONASS antenna and many other functions which you won’t find all together in any other car alarm.

Our new system Pandect X-1900 3G features a 3G-GSM-modem which allows using the system in any country and provides the best signal level.

We have some good news to report – Pandect X-1800 BT, Pandect X-3110 and Pandect X-3150 are already available!

Pandora DX-90 BT allows using a smartphone as a tag and has a small leakproof siren in its set.

Cheaper version of Pandora DX-90 BT is now available — meet Pandora DX-90 B!

New feature is now available for Pandora DXL 3910 Pro, Pandora DXL 3945 Pro and Pandora DXL 3970 Pro v2 - aggressive driving recognition!

Pandora has produced a new motorcycle alarm system – Pandora Moto, which is to provide every motorcycle with a high security level.

From that day forth, Pandora CLONE provides smooth and safe immobilizer bypass for General Motors cars!

Visit AppStore to download a new Pandora BT mobile app allows controlling Pandora Bluetooth-systems via your iPhone.

Mobile app Pandora Pro for iOS has been updated and is already available on the AppStore.

Now website and mobile apps Pandora Online and Pandora Pro for Android and iOS work properly not only with premium alarm systems but with alarms Pandect X-1700/X-30x0.

We are welcoming you to watch our video from the very heart of Pandora - the factory.

Meet the game changer at the car security market – Pandora DX-90 BT featuring Bluetooth Smart.

New alarm system Pandora DX-90 is in stock now.

We’ve performed a research and found out that one of the most popular car alarm system brand outside Russia is Viper. And we should say that it is obvious after performing Pandora and Viper compare that Russian systems are far more featured and affordable.

A new car alarm system Pandora DX-40 is already in stock in our store in Moscow and in an online shop.

Pandora took part in MIAS-2016 in Moscow – the largest cars-related event in Russia. Company announced novelties: Pandora DX-40 and DX-90 with an integrated immobilizer bypass, Pandora DXL 4970 and the first Pandect immobilizer with Bluetooth Smart – Pandect BT-100.

Pandora has just released an update for Pandora and Pandect firmware, which is to extend their features when connecting via CAN bus.

Meet Pandora CLONE - a new service that cooperates Pandora/Pandect alarm systems, Pandora Alarm Studio software, and a special datebase server which storages algorithms needed for a car immobilizer bypass.

Pandect Info app developed to control Pandora and Pandect car alarm system is already available in Google Play for Android users.

Pandora RW smart watch has been updated by Pandora engineers. Device has a new design and new circuit technique now.

GPS/GLONASS antenna has become more sensitive; watch synchronizes time using GPS so time is accurate within a fraction of a second. Also 2,4 GHz encryption algorithm has been slightly updated too.

New Pandora Online mobile app is already available for downloading in Google Play. It is developed to control Pandora car alarm systems using online-service.

Car alarm system Pandora DXL 3970 PRO is in stock now. It works on the same platform with Pandora DXL 5000 PRO and uses new processor, and new sensors signal processing system — all moving, tilts or shocks will be immediately detected.

Pandora run a technical conference as a part of Interauto-2015 exhibition in Moscow. Pandora technical specialists introduced to an audience a company developing strategy for 2016, told about advance inventions and advantages of coming ups and already available systems.

Car alarm system Pandect X-3000 is available now – it is a first system working with Pandect Info app for Android. You can also control a system via online-service.

Pandect X-3000 uses the same radiopath with Pandora DXL 5000 Pro and DXL 3970 Pro – it guarantees high defence level and compatibility with new Pandora accessories: NAV-035, RНM-6, IS-850 (IS-855).

Car alarm system Pandect X-1700 is in stock now – you can order it in our online-shop or visit our service centers in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Omsk and other cities in Russia.

System works on Pandora Pro platform and has a lot of functions: there is 2CAN controller, GSM/GPRS module, remote start and an immobilizer with tags.

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