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Check out our new 4G/Bluetooth 5.0/GPS alarm - the Pandora X-4G



The Pandora X-4G features a 4G LTE/3G/2G modem, Bluetooth 5.0 interface and a GPS antenna.

Bluetooth 5.0 substantially extends the range at which you can control the system using the Pandora app  – up to 150 m (490 feet), and this is absolutely free of charge! If you need to connect with your car at a longer distance you can always use GSM network.

Two SIM-cards

The Pandora X-4G features two SIM cards – the first is a SIM chip, which is integrated in the main unit and locked to MTS (a Russian carrier), while the second, Nano sim, can be chosen and installed by the owner according to her preferences. No fixed monthly payment is required by Pandora: you pay as you go according to your carrier’s tariff.

The GSM antenna used in the system broadens the range of coverage and enhances the connection stability while driving. A separate memory module buffers all the tracks and events when the GSM-connection is poor; the same module is used for updating the system.

Built-in GPS antenna

The GPS/GLONASS-antenna provides the car’s precise positioning data and saves all the tracks – you can look through them anytime you need in the Pandora apps (iOS, Android) or website.

If needed, the Pandora X-4G can be supplemented with the D-022 or D-043 remotes (a corresponding RF-module RF-470 will also be required). There are two immobilizer tags in the set - BT 760 and BT-770.

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Pandora X-4G
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