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Check out our novelties from Pandect X model line!


We have some good news to report – Pandect X-1800 BT, Pandect X-3110 and Pandect X-3150 are already available!

Pandect X-1800 BT

System features 2CAN, Bluetooth 4.2, GSM/GPRS interfaces and has an integrated IMMO-KEY port that allows performing immobilizer bypass without using any of your OEM keys. There’s no remote in the set, so your smartphone is used instead: control the system by DTMF commands or via the mobile app for iOS and Android.

Pandect X-3110

You can control Pandect X-3110 with your smartphone, OEM key or the LCD remote and the immobilizer tag that are included in the set. The GSM module allows sending commands and receiving notifications at the unlimited distance!

To start off you have to get through authorization – all you need is to approach the car with the tag or your smartphone in your pocket or bag. If an attempt is made to start off without this authorization, the engine will be cut off immediately. Both tag and smartphone use Bluetooth Smart to communicate with the main unit.

Pandect X-3150

Pandect X-3150 is built on Pandect X-3110's base, but differs by possessing an immobilizer relay and a D707 remote in its set. Like all modern Pandora systems, this one also is compatible with Pandora CLONE and for most cars requires no key for a bypass.

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