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Meet Pandora DX-91 LoRa – first system featuring Bluetooth 5.0


We are eager to introduce Pandora DX-91 LoRa – our first system featuring Bluetooth 5.0. Among its other advantages – 2хCAN, LIN, micro USB, 868 MHz and IMMO/KEY interfaces. The latter allows realizing remote start without using your spare car key or making its copy, thus saving you a good sum of money.

The new D-022 remote that comes in the set differs from D-020 by featuring a LoRa-tranciever and having a shiny framing around the buttons. The interface of our new sophisticated remote is intuitive which makes it easy to command and monitor the vehicle. On its big display you can see all the main info about the car and alarm status, including such information as interior and exterior temperature, battery voltage and fuel level.

Thanks to the Bluetooth interface, all the remote’s functions are also available in your smartphone at the range up to 50 m (160 feet). Install the Pandora app on your iOS or Android and enjoy the highest level of convenience. Moreover, your smartphone can also be used as an immobilizer tag – all you need to be recognized by the system is to approach your car with the smartphone in your bag or pocket, no further actions needed. If an attempt is made to set off without getting through the authorization process, the engine will be shut down immediately.

Thanks to the IMMO-KEY interface and our own Pandora CLONE server, Pandora DX-91 LoRa offers an algorithmic bypass, making it possible to realize remote start preserving all the car keys and avoiding making the copies. The system can also control Webasto and Eberspacher engine preheaters, turning them on and off remotely.

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