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Meet Pandora DXL 4950 – our new car alarm system with Bluetooth, remote start and many other features


The novelty is a light version of our flaghip – Pandora DXL 4970.  Preserving all its functions, Pandora DXL 4950 is available for a more affordable price since it doesn’t have an additional remote, a siren and a Bluetooth relay BTR-101 in its set.

Pandora DXL 4950 features Bluetooth – you can control the system via your smartphone for free at a short distance or use GSM and control it from any place across the globe. A built-in GPS/GLONASS antenna allows locating and tracking your car whenever you need it. With you smartphone you can arm and disarm the system, start the engine remotely, perform settings, etc.

The system recognizes you by a small immobilizer tag that you should carry around any time you need to use a car. Without this tag it is possible to start the engine but it will be shut down as soon as an attempt to start off is made. There is a new D-670 remote in the set – it is ergonomic, convenient and classy. If any of the sensors (shock, tilt, motion) is triggered, you will immediately get a notification on the remote and smartphone.

Pandora DXL 4950 has a 3CAN/2LIN interface that allows installing it even in cars with very complicated circuitry.

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Pandora DXL 4950
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Peter Chadwick
01.07.2018, 14:43
Whats the cost of this and how long to fit please
Pandora team
04.07.2018, 17:12
Peter Chadwick, hi, it costs $629 and usually takes 8 hours to install. You can check it out in our catalogue
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