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New Pandect IS-577 BT immobilizer is in stock!


Our novelty – Pandect IS-577 BT – is based on a previous Pandect model that has been on the market for 10 year, but, unlike it, has a Bluetooth interface and other modern features. One of the system’s main advantages is low power consumption which doesn’t exceed 3 mA.

There are two tags in the set: both are waterproof and miniature, so you can easily carry them around in your wallet or pocket. The tags can work up to 3 years on one battery – no more need to worry about frequent battery replacement.

Pandect BT mobile app (iOS, Android) allows you to exercise control over the system conveniently: you can switch on Service mode, check how many tags and relays are paired with Pandect IS-577 BT, monitor the system’s status and adjust the distance of the tag’s recognition. Using the app is not obligatory, though: the immobilizer will work properly even if you don’t use Pandect BT at all.

Pandect IS-577 BT features a special channel which can serve to block the radio channel of your OEM key in order to prevent the signal from hijacking.

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Pandect IS-577 BT
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