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New Pandora CLONE service


Meet Pandora CLONE - a new service that cooperates Pandora/Pandect alarm systems, Pandora Alarm Studio software, and a special datebase server which storages algorithms needed for a car immobilizer bypass.

New service allows to extend an amount of cars which are compatible with Pandora integrated bypass solutions. Now Pandora CLONE works with Mazda and Subaru; compatibility with Nissan, Renault, Lada, etc is coming soon. Pandora CLONE work with Pandora DXL 3970 Pro, Pandect X-3050, Pandect X-3010, Pandect X-1700, Pandora DX-50 and Pandora DX-70.

How to begin using Pandora CLONE:

  1. Download latest version of Pandora Alarm Studio
  2. Register with the system
  3. Download latest firmware for your car alarm system
  4. Profit!


Milko Nedelchev
20.02.2020, 11:09
We are installing Pandora Smart in Nissan GTR R35 2019. Is it possible to perform pandora clone to the original key immobilizer ? Also where we can find the procedure for performing this service ? Thank you in advance!
Pandora team
20.02.2020, 14:12
Milko Nedelchev, Hi! Yes, it is possible with this car. Unfortunately, we don't sell Pandora Smart and don't have a connecting scheme for it in English, please contact the place where you bought it for help.
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