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Pandora DX-91 features a new D-020 remote – its display is almost twice as big as its predecessor’s (D-010), whereas the body is even thinner. The device operates on 868 radiofrequency and allows using all the functions available in the system.

You can start the engine remotely or set up an automatic launch by various parameters: battery voltage, engine temperature or an exact time. Pandora DX-91 offers a Pandora CLONE algorithmic bypass for most modern cars – there is no need to leave one of the OEM keys in the car; all of them remain safe and sound.

An integrated Bluetooth interface allows using your smartphone as a tag – simply approach your car with the smartphone and the system will disarm automatically. Without getting through such authorization, one won’t be able to use the car since the engine will be locked. You can also employ the smartphone instead of the remote to control and set up the system at a short distance up to 30-50 m.

You can easily update the system’s and the remote’s firmfare by connecting them to a PC via USB.

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Pandora DX-91
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