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New remote for Pandora/Pandect Bluetooth systems


Meet Pandora D-030 – our new miniature remote for Pandora and Pandect alarms that feature Bluetooth. This ergonomic device will be of use for everyone who would like to continue using a remote but get a smaller and more modern one.

The remote is battery powered (LiPo) and can work up to 6 month without recharging – no more need in AAA batteries, you can conveniently charge D-030 via microUSB. An OLED display shows all the information you need – battery voltage, signal level, alarm status, etc. As it uses Bluetooth, Pandora D-030 controls the system at a distance of 25-35 meters (82-114 feet) – for longer distances just use your smartphone.

The novelty can be easily carried around on your keychain – it will be a useful complement for the systems that don’t have a remote in their set.

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Pandora D-030 remote for the Bluetooth systems
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