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The most affordable GSM system is here: Pandect X-1800 L


The new Pandect X-1800 L is already in stock – the system has preserved all the functions of the Pandect X-1800 BT, but has a much nicer price tag due to some changes in the set.

There is one BT-760 tag (its predecessor has two) and no BTR-101 immobilizer relay in the Pandect X-1800 L’s set. On the other hand, it has the RMD-4m relay module and the PS-330 siren, which the Pandect X-1800 BT does not.

The novelty allows you to control your car via both GSM and Bluetooth: choose the former if you’re far away from the car, and the latter if the car is within a 50 m (165 feet) distance. You can use your smartphone, tablet or laptop to control the system and receive notifications from it.

Pandect X-1800 L features remote start, and in most cases doesn’t require the OEM key as it can bypass the car’s immobilizer algorithmically.

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Pandect X-1800 L
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