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Pandect X-1900 3G – the system that works properly in any country!


Our new system Pandect X-1900 3G features a 3G-GSM-modem which allows using the system in any country and provides the best signal level.

Your smartphone is the main means of control over the system – download the Pandora app (English interface available) to start the engine remotely, arm and disarm the system, check its status and receive notifications. Bluetooth interface allows using your smartphone as an immobilizer tag – just carry it around so that the system would be able to receive a confirmation signal and disarm the immobilizer relay. You can also use all the features of the mobile app at a close distance up to 50-70 meters (160-230 feet) – Bluetooth Smart that is used in this case instead of GPRS and GSM is absolutely free unlike them.

Pandect X-1900 3G features an integrated GPS/GLONASS antenna that provides you with precise positioning data any time you need it. If there is no signal available from the GPS satellites, LBS positioning data is used instead.

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