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Pandect X-3190 – our latest novelty is in stock


Our new Pandect X-3190, which is based on the Pandect X-3150, features all the interfaces that are vital for a modern car alarm system: 2CAN, LIN, IMMO-KEY, Bluetooth, 868MHz LoRa and, of course, GSM/GPRS.

One of the main advantages of the X-3190 is its energy consumption, which has been lowered by 15% comparing to the previous Pandora models. The system boasts the newest D-022 remote with increased range – the difference between the D-022 and other remotes will be evident especially to people who live in big cities where the level of industrial noise is always high. The remote’s backlit OLED-display quickly catches you up with all the important info regarding the car and the alarm’s status.

You can as well use your smartphone to control the system: the convenient Pandora apps for iOS and Android cover all the remote’s functions and even more. Thanks to GSM, no matter the distance between you and your car, you can stay in control and receive notifications from the system, as well as send commands and adjust the sensors.

If the car is parked within a short distance from you (up to 50 meters, or 160 feet), you can use the Pandora apps at no cost by connecting via Bluetooth.

The Pandect X-3190 allows you to start off only after a successful authorization. All you need to do is have around one of the immobilizer tags (included in the set) or your smartphone with the Pandora app. If someone tries to start off without having one of those, the engine will be shut off immediately.

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Pandect X-3190
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