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Pandora at Caravaning Hamburg 2019


Caravaning Hamburg – an annual international auto show – was held in Hamburg (Germany) from 6 to 10 February. The show was all about caravans, campers, trailers and related outdoor activities.

Pandora showed its new car alarms developed especially for those vehicles and the European market: Pandora Camper and Pandora Camper PRO. The systems are built on the already existing Pandora systems but there are some crucial differences that provide an optimal security level to all kinds of campers, taking in consideration all the peculiarities of the vehicles.  

The main advantage of Pandora systems for campers is compatibility with Pandora DMS-100 BT wireless Bluetooth sensors, which allow building a perfect protection of all the windows, doors and sunroofs of the camper. Pandora DMS-100 BT is a unique autonomous sensor that can run on its own power source for up to two years – not only does it protect the doors and windows but also detects movement and shocks thanks to a built-in accelerometer.

This is very important for camper owners because they often leave their vehicles’ windows ajar for a better ventilation. Our Pandora DMS-100 BT can protect even an ajar window: a thief won’t be able to open it wider and sneak into the camper. Pandora Camper and Pandora Camper PRO can work with up to 12 DMS-100 BT sensors simultaneously – this is where they differ from regular Pandora systems.

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