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Pandora DX-4GL - the most affordable 4G alarm



The Pandora DX-4GL has been developed to become a yet more affordable 4G alarm system than the Pandora DX-4G, which was achieved by altering the set: it includes the RMD-4 remote start module and one BT-760 immobilizer tag, while the DX-4G has the RMD-5m module and two tags.

Also, the DX-4GL uses a new 4G/2G GSM modem. It doesn't work in 3G networks, which shouldn't be considered a problem, since 3G is being ultimately replaced with 4G LTE.

Advantages of a 4G alarm system

The Pandora DX-4GL makes it possible for every car owner to enjoy the benefits of 4G networks, paying as much as an average 2G alarm would cost.

One of the main advantages of 4G networks is that they provide stable connection in underground parking lots and in big cities during the rush hour - dated 2G equipment can barely do that. Many countries have already stopped using 2G networks or are planning to do so in the nearest future.

Moreover, 4G networks don't limit the number of connections, dividing the traffic between them all. This is where they differ from 2G - the latter have a fixed number of available connections, which can get in a way of receiving/transmitting the data in time.



There is one BT-760 immobilizer tag in the set, but you can also use your smartphone (Bluetooth required) as one - simply download the Pandora mobile app for iOS or Android to gain full control over your alarm system.

You can't use the car without the tag or the smartphone since the system will block the engine as soon as an attempt to start off is made. It is possible to connect an additional engine blockage via CAN; to enhance the security level even further you can also add the BTR-101 relay.

Remote start

The Pandora DX-4GL has the RMD-4 remote start module in its set, which allows you to use to set up the remote start by various parameters: battery voltage, engine temperature, exact time or time intervals. You can always start the engine shortly before the ride using your phone.

Thanks to the IMMO-KEY port and Pandora CLONE you won't need to part with one of the OEM keys or to make a copy of it - in the majority of cases Pandora can bypass the car's immobilizer without using any keys.

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