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Pandora DX-50 S is now available!


We are happy to announce our novelty – Pandora DX-50 S. The system is based on our previous model, Pandora DX-50 B – the difference is in the new remote, lower power consumption and lower price of the new system!

The D-079 remote is used to control the system, adjust the sensors and get notifications. Pandora DX-50 S features a shock/tilt/motion sensor, so the system will inform you if anyone should attempt to harm your car, evacuate it or steal the wheels. Using the remote you can start the engine whenever you want or preset an automatic start by exact time, battery voltage or engine temperature. The IMMO/KEY port helps to connect remote start without taking any of your OEM keys – on most of the modern cars Pandora DX-50 S can bypass the immobilizer algorithmically, thus saving all the car keys and the owner’s money.

Employing 2CAN+LIN interface provides a smooth installation process and ensures ultimate functionality, while operating on 868 MHz frequency guarantees protection from all kinds of hijacking.

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Pandora DX-50 S
$ 0
01.08.2018, 15:34
Do you have instruction manual that is in English?
Pandora team
04.08.2018, 13:24
Eugene, unfortunately, not. All the manuals are in Russian only.
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