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Pandora DX-6x – the cheapest solution for a reliable two-way security


Check out our super-affordable two-way alarm system: Pandora DX-6x. The alarm doesn’t feature remote start but Pandora’s signature reliability is on the place, to be sure.

The system is controlled by the D-010 remote that comes in its set and allows you to set the parameters, check the alarm status and issue commands at the distance up to 2000 m (1,2 miles). Another way to take advantage of the system is through your smartphone – our convenient Pandora BT mobile app can do everything the remote can, and offers you a user-friendly interface and stability. The phone is connected to the system via a Bluetooth interface and operates at the distance up to 50 m (165 feet) from the car.

Your iOS or Android smartphone can be used as an immobilizer tag, as well: Pandora DX-6x will grant permission to drive the car to its owner only, and the signal from the smartphone is how the system is going to recognize you. If the signal is not received, the engine will be blocked as soon as the attempt to start off is made.

Pandora DX-6x features 2CAN and LIN interfaces which make it easy to install the system in the most modern and sophisticated cars. If you want to extend the system’s abilities, you can add our Bluetooth accessories to it anytime: for example, the BTR-101 relay will provide an additional engine blockage, while the NAV-09 will allow you to control your system via GSM at the unlimited distance, from any spot on the Earth.

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Pandora DX-6x
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