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Our new alarm – Pandora DX-90 BT!


Pandora DX-90 BT features Bluetooth Smart and an immobilizer with a tag. Moreover, it’s our first system that allows using a smartphone as a tag! Just make sure that your smartphone features Bluetooth and has the Pandora BT app installed – that makes you able to arm and disarm the immobilizer relay automatically, just by approaching or leaving the car with your smartphone around.

You can use all Pandora’s functions with the OLED remote and – again – with your smartphone via Bluetooth at the range of 30-70 meters – this is very convenient if the car is parked near your house or the office. Most features of premium Pandora alarm systems are available from the Pandora BT app, the only difference is in the range.

Pandora DX-90 BT features shock, motion and tilt sensors and allows starting the engine remotely.

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Pandora DX-90 BT
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