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Pandora DXL 4790 and 4710 – new model line is here!


The new DXL 47xx platform features a 4G/LTE modem (works in 3G and 2G as well) employing two antennae, which guarantees high sensitivity and absence of disconnection while driving.

The Pandora DXL 4790 and DXL 4710 are already in stock. They both feature a Bluetooth 5.0 interface built up on the Nordic NRF52840 chip set – it allows you to control the car at a distance up to 150 m (3,2 feet) via your smartphone at no cost.

While the DXL 4710 relies on GSM and Bluetooth, the DXL 4790 also has an OLED remote in its set – the new D-043 that is bigger and stronger than its predecessor D-022. The remote uses LoRa modulation to provide the best range possible and Bluetooth 4.2 to reduce the energy consumption. The DXL 4790 also includes the BTR-101 immobilizer relay and the PS-331 BT siren – the latter uses different sounds depending on the event type.

As soon as the Pandora DXL 4790 arrived, we installed it on a Mercedes-Benz E-class. The car’s fuel level, engine temperature, battery voltage, and also outside battery voltage are displayed on the D-043 remote and in the mobile app. Moreover, the system will automatically close the windows when armed.

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