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Pandora NAV-X – new GSM/GPS module for the Pandora systems


We are introducing a new GSM/GPS module meant for the Pandora alarm systems – the Pandora NAV-X.

The NAV-X allows the owner to control the car no matter the distance between them. You can add this optional module to your Pandora alarm any time after it is installed. After this, you will be able to control the car via the website and mobile apps for iOS and Android. In addition to providing the car’s position data at the given moment, the NAV-X also displays the whole route trail within the chosen period of time. If the module temporarily can’t connect to GPS/GLONASS, it determines the car’s approximate positioning data by the data received from LBS.

The Pandora NAV-X is built on the ARM M4L microcontroller, which explains its energy efficiency: the module consumes only 1 mA on standby. It also boasts a shock sensor and a microphone – you can call its number whenever you need to listen to what is happening inside the car. The IP 67 module can be easily hidden in any place in the car.

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