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We are rolling out our new moto security system – Pandora Smart Moto. The system features Bluetooth, GSM and CAN interfaces, has an emergency power source and a GPS antenna.

Pandora Smart Moto consumes only 4-6 mA when armed; more so, the integrated emergency power source allows it to continue working for several hours after the motorcycle’s battery has dead or been disconnected. Thanks to the Bluetooth interface, you can connect various Bluetooth accessories to your system, e.g. Pandora DMS 100 BT – a wireless sensor aimed to protect the saddlebags.

The GPS/GLONASS antenna allows you to check on your motorbike’s whereabouts anytime you want via a convenient mobile app for iOS and Android. Through the app you can command, set up the system and get notifications from it in case of triggering of any sensor. You can also use your smartphone as an immobilizer tag to authorize in the system – you can only set off after a successful authorization, because as soon as an authorized attempt is made to set off the engine is shut down. Two “regular” tags are still included in the set – you can choose which device to use.

A smartphone and a tag is all you need to use your Pandora Smart Moto to the full – no additional remotes are required. If you feel more comfortable with a remote, you may like our other system, Pandora Moto, which includes an OLED remote in its set.


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Pandora Smart Moto
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