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The Pandora UX-4G - the first system with Seasonal Storage mode


The new Pandora UX-4G is the first car alarm in Pandora's new model line comprising the systems that feature Seasonal Storage mode. The system has a GPS/GLONASS antenna, a 4G modem (also works in 3G and 2G) and Bluetooth 5.0.

Bluetooth 5.0 substantially extends the range at which you can control the system using the Pandora app  – up to 150 m (490 feet), and this is absolutely free of charge! If you need to connect with your car at a longer distance you can always use GSM network.

The GPS/GLONASS-antenna provides the car’s precise positioning data and saves all the tracks – you can look through them anytime you need in the Pandora apps (iOS, Android) or website.

Seasonal Storage mode

If you don't use your car for long periods of time it's important to keep the battery in working condition so that you can easilly start the car when you need it. The Pandora UX-4G boasts a record-breaking power efficiency in Seasonal Storage mode - only 1,8 мА, or 1,2 А/h a month.

Considering that modern cars use 50 A/h batteries, you can rest assured that the car will start easily after months of inactivity.

The Pandora UX-4G is fully compatible not only whith gas-powered cars, but hybrids and electric cars as well.

Advantages of a 4G car alarm

One important of the 4G network is that it ensures a reliable connection in undegroud parking lots, during the rush hour in the centre of a big city or at a big shopping mall's parking lot. The 2G network is likely to fail in those situations and many countries have either stopped using it already or are planning on doing this in the near future.

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