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The most affordable system featuring remote start and Bluetooth: Pandora DX-9x


The new Pandora DX-9x is based on our bestseller, Pandora DX-90 B, and differs from it by the set: the novelty is even more affordable thanks to the absence of an immobilizer tag.

The level of the provided security, however, remained the same: your smartphone can be used instead of the tag to get through the authorization process. All you need to do is approach your car, carrying the smartphone in your bag or pocket – the system will automatically recognize you and allow using the car. Unlike the tag, your phone is always with you – there is no risk to leave it accidentally in another garment or bag.

The convenient D-010 remote allows you to control and monitor the system at the distance up to 2 km (1,2 miles). Its OLED display shows all the important information that is easily comprehended even under direct sunbeams. And again, your smartphone can be used to monitor and control the system, too: all the remote’s functions are fully available via your smartphone if you have the Pandora app installed (available for iOS and Android). The app works via Bluetooth Smart at the range up to 50 m (165 feet).

Pandora DX-9x features integrated 2CAN and LIN interfaces, which make it easy to install the system even in the most modern and complicated cars. In its turn, the IMMO-KEY interface makes it possible to avoid using one of the OEM keys to realize remote start, bypassing the car’s immobilizer algorithmically instead.

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Pandora DX-9x
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