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The new Pandect IS-572 BT immobilizer is here


The Pandect IS-572 BT employs Bluetooth 4.2 to authorize the owner – in order to start off you must have on you one of the two tags which are included in the set. Only having received a signal from the tag, the system will allow the driver to start off, while without this signal the engine will be shut down immediately.

Thanks to the convenient Pandora BT app for iOS and Android you can use your smartphone instead of the tag. The authorization process will stay the same – all you need to do is approach your car with the smartphone on you for the system to receive the signal. You can also use the app to adjust the sensors, set up various parameters, turn on Service or Anti-Hi-Jack modes, etc.

One of the Pandect IS-572 BT’s main advantages is its ability to control hood locks directly, without any additional modules, which saves your budget. The immobilizer’s main unit is very small – it is based on the RMD-5m and has a waterproof case, which allows hiding it in almost any place under the hood or even in the car’s factory circuitry.

The immobilizer boasts very low energy consumption: when armed, it consumes no more than 5 mA, so you can leave the car parked for a long time without worrying about its safety or the battery running low.

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