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A remote is the main means of control over the car alarm system.

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We carry the authentic Pandora remotes which can only be used to control the compatible Pandora car alarms in order to protect your car. We at are by no means responsible for the various YouTube videos and other information on the Internet claiming that the Pandora remotes can be used as code grabbers. THEY CAN'T. Remember that using code grabbers is illegal in Russia and many other countries.

A remote is the main means of control over a car alarm system. For easily distinguishable notifications remotes use several ringtones, each ringtone matching a particular event. They aslo use flashing LED indicators to communicate additional information: for example, occasional green flashes mean that the connection is esablished and working well, and also that there has been no alarm events. Red flashes mean that either an alarm event has occured, there is no connection to the main unit, or the alarm system is not armed.

Most of the Pandora systems have features that can contribute towards the owner's personal safety and require authorisation before giving permission to start off. In order to get authorised, the owner has to have a small immobilizer tag around when intends to drivie.

All the Pandora remotes and tags are fully operational when shipped.

Pandora car alarm
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