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Pandora DX-91 LoRa v3

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Remote start
Remote start
Rolling code
Rolling code
CAN-bus connection
CAN-bus connection
Immobilizer with tags
Immobilizer tag
Smartphone Apps
iOS and Android apps
Control with OEM key
Control with OEM key
Pandora CLONE immobilizer bypass
Pandora CLONE immobilizer bypass
Remote control over preheaters
Remote control over preheaters

Pandora DX-91 LoRa v3 is our first system with Bluetooth 5.0. It also features 2хCAN, LIN, IMMO/KEY, micro USB and 868 MHz interfaces. There is a new D-022 remote in the set, which, in contrast with D-020, features a LoRa-tranciever and has a shiny framing around the buttons.

The remote is the main means of control – it is used to arm and disarm the system, start and shut down the engine, make adjustments and control various parameters, e.g. fuel level, engine temperature, battery voltage, etc. All those functions are available also via your mobile phone – the only thing you need for this is the Pandora apps available for iOS and Android. They allow using all the system’s abilities with your phone at a distance up to 50 m (160 feet); the phone can also be used as an immobilizer tag to make the authorization process much easier since there is no need to carry the tag around.

Thanks to Pandora CLONE, Pandora DX-91 LoRa v3 can provide an algorithmic bypass, which makes it possible to realize remote start preserving all the OEM keys. The system can also control engine preheaters, turning them on and off remotely. 

System set:

  • Main unit - 1 pc.
  • D-022 2-way OLED remote - 1 pc.
  • BT-760 immobilizer tag - 2 pc.
  • Remote starter - 1 pc.
  • BTR-101 immobilizer relay
  • Mounting kit - 1 pc.
  • BS-2 button
  • Engine temperature sensor - 1 pc.
  • PS-330 siren
  • Micro USB cable - 1 pc.
  • User and installation manuals
  • Wire harnesses 
  • Packaging
Remote start Yes
Rolling code Yes
Turbo timer Yes
GSM Option
CAN-bus connection Yes
GPS Option
Remote LCD two-way pager Yes
Immobilizer with tags Yes
Shock sensor Yes
Motion sensor Yes
Tilt sensor Yes
Wireless immobilizer relays Option - BTR-101
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0
Smartphone Apps Yes
Control with OEM key Yes
Pandora CLONE immobilizer bypass Yes
Remote control over preheaters Yes
11.02.2021, 05:02
Salve volevo sapere se ha le stesse caratteristiche del modello europeo light pro v2 grazie
Pandora team
17.02.2021, 17:29
Alessandro , The closest analogue to the Pandora Light Pro 2 is the Pandora DX-90 LoRa.
08.12.2020, 00:54
Это сигнализация подходит для BMW F10 2015 года
Pandora team
11.12.2020, 11:27
Den, Yes, this system is compatible with your car.
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