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Pandect X-3000

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The system is out of production and is no longer available.

Pandect X-3000 is a modern car alarm system with plenty of advantages: remote start, two-way pager, GSM, 2CAN and LIN.

This alarm system uses a special algorithm allows to bypass a car’s immobilizer so it is no need to make a counterpart of a key to realize a remote start (available not for all cars’ models).

The main mean of control is LCD pager uses a dialog code. Pager is stylish, ergonomical and informative – you can see all main parameters like voltage, temperature, security status, signal strength etc. on its display without pushing any buttons.

The other mean of control is an owner’s cell phone: it is easy to control your Pandect X-3000 just calling to it wherever you are. You’ll immediately receive SMS-notifications in case of shock-, motion- or tilt-sensors triggering. The most easy way to communicate with alarm system is using a Pandora mobile app – it is available for iOS and Android. For other cell phones and PC there is an internet-service set the system as you want, configure sensors, choose preferred mode for notifications online – you’ll appreciate a possibility to control car online using any device with internet.

Pandect X-3000 can detects a road accident and send notifications to all phone numbers previously recorded in the system’s memory.

System has an integrated mini-USB – it allows to update software by yourself without visiting a service center.

System set:

  1. Base unit
  2. Main control remote with LCD
  3. Immobilizer tag
  4. Main cable
  5. Cable with VALET button and three-colored light indicator
  6. Mounting kit
  7. Relay automatic launch module
  8. Microphone
  9. User manual
  10. Installation manual (connection scheme)
  11. Plastic card with individual secret code
  12. Bipper
  13. Packaging
Remote start Yes
Rolling code Yes
Turbo timer Yes
CAN-bus connection Yes
GPS Option - NAV-035
Remote LCD two-way pager Yes
Immobilizer with tags Yes
Shock sensor Yes
Motion sensor Yes
Tilt sensor Yes
Wireless immobilizer relays Option - RR-102
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