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Pandora DX-90

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The system is out of production and is no longer available.

Pandora DX-90 is a car alarm system with 2CAN and LIN interfaces which allow working properly with modern cars and controlling engine preheaters.

There is a new remote controller D-010 in a set; it is the first controller in Pandora product line which has OLED screen. This remote also is the smallest among LCD remotes, but in spite of its size device indicates large icons and convenient widgets. Remote works from one AAA battery and uses 868 radio path to communicate with a main unit.

Pandora DX-90 features a remote start – you can easily start an engine remotely via D-010 or preset an automatic launch by weekdays, temperature or battery voltage in order to keep it charged enough. One of the most important Pandora’s features is an immobilizer bypass – for many modern cars there is no need to keep OEM key in car for using a remote start.

Alarm system Pandora DX-90 controls doors, hood, trunk, ignition, etc.; it has a shock/tilt/motion sensor – if triggered, car owner will be immediately informed by remote controller.  

System set:

  • Main unit
  • Main control remote
  • Additional remote (three-button)
  • Plastic card with a PIN code
  • Cable with VALET button
  • Cable with three-colored light indicator
  • Mounting kit
  • Main cable
  • LIN interface wire
  • Remote starter
  • Engine temperature sensor
  • User and installation manual
  • Package
Remote start Yes
Rolling code Yes
Turbo timer Yes
CAN-bus connection Yes
Remote LCD two-way pager Yes
Shock sensor Yes
Motion sensor Yes
Tilt sensor Yes
05.10.2016, 16:57
When can I buy it?
Pandora team
11.10.2016, 20:52
Miguel, in a couple of days.
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