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Payment - PayPal, bank cards Visa and MasterCard

We accept PayPal — you may use your credit, debit, and bank account for your digital wallet in PayPal. We don’t ask you to enter card numbers or personal information to make an online payment — using just an email address and password, you can securely check out.

We accept the following cards:

All credit card transactions are performed with the help of Internet Payment Service Provider Tinkoff Bank which meets the highest security standards as required by the major credit card organizations. During payment transaction Kaznachey receives your credit card data. Then via SSL that provide communication security over the Internet, Kaznachey authentication server receives the data. The data are coded. Kaznachey supports the 3-D Secure programs Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. All credit card transactions are performed subject to the requirements of VISA International, MasterCard and other payment systems. Kaznachey has PCI-DSS certification and SA HackerSafe certification. According to the standards of international payment systems your credit card data are kept neither in online store nor on Kaznachey authentication server.

The payment is taken from your bank account in Russian roubles (RUR). All the prices are shown in EUR or USD at the exchange rate of the Bank of Russia which is prevailing at the date of paying.

Please note that we ship only after receiving a payment.

Any question please feel free to contact us.


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