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About the Pandora and Pandect car alarm systems

Pandora is a well-known car alarm systems brand developed and made in Russia, in the cozy industrial city of Kaluga. There are car alarms, moto alarms, immobilizers and various accessories in our product line.

Established in 2004, Pandora never stops increasing the level of security and service to provide cars’ owners with the best defense possible.

Modern Pandora alarm systems include plenty of advantages — remote start, GSM, GPS, Bluetooth, shock/motion/tilt sensors, immobilizer with tags etc. Telemetric systems allow controlling a car from any distance using a cell phone, tablet or PC. There is a Pandora mobile app for Android and iOS aimed to make everyday communication with the car as easy as possible. Even if you are far away from you car you can easily start the engine, check notifications or perform tracking.

For the owner’s safety the remote pagers in some systems have a SOS button — in case your life or health are threatened, press the button, and the system will automatically make a voice call and send a text with the car’s positioning data to all the programmed emergency numbers.

You will also like Pandora's website Using the website you can track the car’s movements, analyze the distance travelled, travel time, average speed, etc. The event history holds more than 100 different types of events. Each event is saved with the date, time, coordinates and status of all control zones at the moment of its occurance. You may use the wherever you are — all you need is a PC, tablet, or cell phone.

All the Pandora telemetric alarms have a built-in immobilizer that allows the car to set off only if the system has received a signal from the immobilizer tag. If an attempt is made to set off with no tags present, the system will shut down the engine at once. 

The Pandora and Pandect alarm systems feature an integrated immobilizer bypass which allows keeping all the OEM keys intact when realizing remote start.

Pandora is updating its products and developing new systems all the time so that everyone can find a perfect system for their needs.

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