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Pandect X-1900 3G Car Alarm System
Pandect BT-100 Car Alarm System
Pandora DXL 4970  Car Alarm System
DX-90 BT Car Alarm System
Pandora DX 50 B Car Alarm System
Pandora DXL 4970
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Pandora DXL 4950
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$ 661
Pandora DXL 4910
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$ 496
Pandora DX-91
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$ 315
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D-174 remote
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Pandora X-4G
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Pandora DXL 4790
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D-043 remote for Pandora DXL 4790
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About us

Pandora is a well-known car alarm systems brand developed and made in Russia, in a cozy industrial city of Kaluga. There are car alarms, moto alarms, immobilizers and various accessories in our product line.

Established in 2004, Pandora never stops increasing the level of security and service to provide cars’ owners with the best defense possible.

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The Mercedes-Benz GLE is a frequent guest at our service centers. We’d like to show you three variants of a reliable anti-theft protection for this car.

The new DXL 47xx platform features a 4G/LTE modem (works in 3G and 2G as well) employing two antennae, which guarantees high sensitivity and absence of disconnection while driving.

All modern Pandora and Pandect alarms now feature immobilizer bypass for Nissan and Infiniti 2000-2007.

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