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Pandect X-1900 3G Car Alarm System
Pandect BT-100 Car Alarm System
Pandora DXL 4970  Car Alarm System
DX-90 BT Car Alarm System
Pandora DX 50 B Car Alarm System
Pandora DXL 4970
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Pandora DXL 4950
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Pandora DXL 4910
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Pandora DX-91
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D-022 remote for Pandora DX-91 LoRa
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Автосигнализация Pandect X-1900 3G
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Pandora DX-91 LoRa
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D-010, D-020 remote cover (black)
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About us

Pandora Alarm Company engaged in the sale and installation of security equipment and alarm Pandora and Pandect. Pandora made more than 11 years - during which time, as new discoveries in the field of electronics, developed and improved all products.oses.

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Our Pandora BT app, first developed for Android, helps you install, configure and control your alarm system. Now welcome Pandora BT for iOS!

Pandora DX-91 features a new D-020 remote – its display is almost twice as big as its predecessor’s (D-010), whereas the body is even thinner. The device operates on 868 radiofrequency and allows using all the functions available in the system.

In the latest update of Pandora’s firmware we added compatibility with 11 new cars and extended functionality for many cars that Pandora has already worked with.

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