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Pandora NAV-09

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The Pandora NAV-09 GPS/GSM module is meant for the Pandora DX-90 B, DX-90 BT и DX-91. It notably extends the range of their abilities by adding GPS positioning and the ability to communicate with the alarm system at an unlimited distance anytime you need.

The module allows you to control your alarm via SMS, the Pandora mobile app and online service: wherever you are, you can arm and disarm the system, start the engine, check the battery voltage, etc. The Pandora NAV-09 is connected to the car battery and, should the latter be disconnected by a thief, immediately informs the owner and starts working on its own CR123 batteries. Within two hours from the car battery disconnection the Pandora NAV-09 will work as usual, and after that switch into Tracker mode, going online only from time to time in order to send its positioning data to the owner. In this mode the system will work for several more months.

the Pandora NAV-09 features the modern ARM M4L microcontroller, Bluetooth 4.2 tranciever and SiRF Star V plus GPS/GLONASS tranciever. The system also has an integrated microphone which you can turn on anytime to control what’s happening inside the car, and an accelerometer that triggers if someone or something has hit the car.

The module meets the IP 65 standard so it can be mounted literally in any place in the car: under the bumpers, fenders and, of course, inside the car. The Pandora NAV-09 has an integrated micro USB, but the easiest way to update it is by using the Pandora BT app and Bluetooth interface.

System set:

  • Pandora NAV-09 main unit – 1 pc;
  • CR-123 battery (Panasonic CH17345) - 2 pc;
  • SIM card - 1 pc;
  • Owner’s personal card – 1 pc;
  • User manual
  • Mounting kit
  • Package
31.03.2021, 13:38
Hi,thank for your.
In my car i have your dx90b, now i am in Italy.
There is not gps tracker inside,was an optional.
Which,where and the cost of his tracker ?
Thank you very much.
Ps: have you italian instruction manual for dx90b ?
Best regards
Pandora team
19.04.2021, 09:52
umberto, you need the NAV-X tracker
Unfortunately all the manuals are in the Russian language only
29.03.2021, 19:53
your sim,will work in all europe ?
Its include the roaming in the price ?
For how much years ?
Pandora team
31.03.2021, 10:10
umberto, Hi, this system has been discontinued and is no longer available. All the Pandora systems work in Europe, you can install your own SIM card
26.08.2019, 16:41
Can I use my own sim card?
Pandora team
27.08.2019, 15:56
Radu, yes, sure.
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