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iDatalink Start CAN

iDatalink Start CAN
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The industry standard 'all-in-one' CAN interface module. Web-programmable for most of cars on the Russian market. Keyless immobilizer bypass iDatalink Start CAN is used for temporary deactivation of a car immobilizer when owner send a command for a remote start. After engine is started immobilizer returns to a regular mode.

Thanks to iDatalink Start CAN you can keep all car keys and use it without any restriction, also there will no problem with insurance companies which discommend leaving one key in a car.

Please contact us in order to find out if iDatalink Start CAN is compatible with your car.

12.08.2018, 20:36
Is it compatible with my Opel vivaro 2015 ? (Renault Trafic & Fiat Talento)
Pandora team
12.09.2018, 15:15
KLB, unfortunately, not.
08.04.2018, 17:59
Can I use for Toyota Hariier (Japanese model) 2017 with Crimestopper Sp -502 car alarm?
Pandora team
12.04.2018, 13:08
Incas, it is not compatible with your car, unfortunately.
17.01.2018, 18:01
Hi, can I use it on a brand new TOYOTA AYGO 2017 ?
Pandora team
18.01.2018, 10:55
Kostas, unfortunately, not.
19.10.2017, 19:16
Can i use it with Smart forTwo model 451(2008) 1000cc ?
Pandora team
02.11.2017, 16:41
Styliano, No, unfortunately there are no keyless bypasses for Smart.
11.09.2017, 13:19
3 questions at least and non of these cars are compatible, so witch which car is comaptible? Where is the compatybility list?
Pandora team
17.10.2017, 19:19
Marco, there is no list which you can download, but you can check it out on a main page of Idatalink manufacturer's official website.
30.03.2017, 22:42
Hello, I just bought a Citroen DS3 diesel 1.6 2017 model. I want to ask if iDatalink work with my car for start stop.
Pandora team
06.04.2017, 14:31
John, unfortunately not.
11.01.2017, 15:23
Hello, I own a Ford C-max ecoboost of April 1, 2011 with remote control KEYLESS (start & stop), I wanted to know even if this is compatible otional and if not, if there is another product that it does associated with Pandora. thank you
Pandora team
22.02.2017, 12:11
Giovanni, unfortunately this bypass is not compatible with your car.
15.11.2016, 06:54
hi wanted to know if iDatalink CAN Start and compatible mercedes class w176 2016?
Pandora team
15.11.2016, 12:29
Marco, If your vehicle has the FBS4 system, it will not work. Sorry.
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