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Pandora D-035 remote for the Bluetooth 5.0 systems

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The D-035 is a light and ergonomic Bluetooth 5.0 remote compatible with all the Pandora systems featuring Bluetooth.

The remote allows you to fully control your car alarm at the range of Bluetooth. The D-035 features an OLED display and a LiPo battery – it works up to 6 months without recharging. The remote can also be used as an immobilizer tag.


The remote is compatible only with the Bluetooth 5.0 systems:

  • Pandora DXL 47xx model line
  • Pandora UX-4G model line
  • Pandora X-4G
  • Pandora DX 91 LoRa v3

It is not compatible with any other systems. If your Pandora/Pandect alarm features Bluetooth 4.2, you need the D-030 remote.

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