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Pandora D-500 remote for Pandora DXL 5000

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Rolling code
Rolling code

The five-button LCD-remote is included in the Pandora DXL 5000's set. There are special "SOS" and "Check" buttons on it, which provide convenient and quick access to the system's main functions. If any event is triggered, the remote indicates the fact by using a distinct melody (16 melodies in total for different types of events).

Rolling code Yes
21.04.2021, 19:15
Hi I would like to know the distance range of Pandora D-387,and the distance range of DXL 5000 ,I wanna know distance in meters?
13.03.2021, 17:46
Does this grab codes ?
Pandora team
18.03.2021, 13:13
Ali, NO. We carry the authentic Pandora remotes which can only be used to control the compatible Pandora car alarms in order to protect your car. We at are by no means responsible for the various YouTube videos and other information on the Internet claiming that the Pandora remotes can be used as code grabbers. THEY CAN'T. Remember that using code grabbers is illegal in Russia and many other countries.
23.10.2020, 12:56
Dzień dobry ,kupiłem pilota DXL 5000 nie działają wszystkie funkcje ,nie można wejść w większości ikonek,ustawień .Człowiek wydaje pieniądze na nie działający sprzęt a przed wysłaniem prosiłem żeby sprawdzili czy wszystko gra .Brak słów
Pandora team
02.11.2020, 19:03
Paweł , if you have difficulty using the remote please contact the official tech support at support@alarmtrade,ru. I'm sure they'll help you out.
Daviis Guevra
24.08.2020, 20:14
Hello, I am writing here because I want to order a command to buy and I would like the shipment to be made to Colombia and how long it would take to arrive and how can I make the purchase
Pandora team
23.09.2020, 14:37
Daviis Guevra, place the order on this website - the system will show you the estimated delivery rates.
07.01.2020, 17:55
Hi i’m wanting one of these remotes or one that does exactly the same functions which one would you recommend if these are discontinued thanks
Pandora team
09.01.2020, 16:38
john, Hi! Which Pandora alarm system do you own?
28.08.2019, 03:11
Does this model hawe firmware for imitating central lock key codes on it...thank you
Pandora team
29.08.2019, 16:20
Marcin, no.
17.06.2019, 01:57
Does it work on usa cars
Pandora team
18.06.2019, 11:31
jxsh, Pandora DXL 5000 has been discontinued. Please have a look at our up to date systems.
giuseppe carano
31.12.2018, 19:51
Pandora team
16.01.2019, 12:00
giuseppe carano, there's no instruction in Italian, Russian only.
Danny Javier
23.05.2018, 08:45

I'm interested in buying 3 controls are there shipping for Colombia?
Pandora team
25.05.2018, 16:08
Danny Javier, yes, we ship worldwide.
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