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D-463 remote for Pandora DXL 5000 NEW

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Two-way remote is the main mean of control over the system. For easily distinguishable notifications the remote uses 16 ringtones, each ringtone matches particular event.

Remote has flashing LED indicators for additional information. Occasional green flashes mean that there is a connection and there were no alarm events, red flashes mean that either an alarm even happened, there is no connection to the base unit, or the system is not armed.

Compatible with:

  • Pandora DXL 5000 NEW
Kristos Toska
19.01.2019, 19:12
Is any other way to pay for this Pandora and how much that costs
Pandora team
23.01.2019, 13:27
Kristos Toska , we accept only payment methods listed on the website.
26.09.2018, 02:20
dos semanas llegaría para en esas dos semanas ya estaría en mis manos osea ya lo tendría
Pandora team
28.09.2018, 12:42
Luis, sorry, we don't speak Spanish and can't understand you.
25.09.2018, 03:04
señor cuanto tarda para llegar a mexico?
Pandora team
25.09.2018, 11:10
Luis, shipping to Mexico will take about 2 weeks.
06.09.2018, 16:27
Could someone please send information on how to use this in English? Thankyou
Pandora team
12.09.2018, 15:13
Roxanne , please contact tech support via
Massimo Attina'
27.08.2018, 00:38
Goodevening sir, could u help me. I have already a remote d 463 Pandora but lcd display crashed. So i need a new one. Do you know how i have to do if i ll buy a new one from you? How i have to set the new one i mean?
Pandora team
12.09.2018, 15:14
Massimo Attina', you can pair the new remote with your car alarm yourself. Please contact the tech support via for the instructions.
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