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Pandora RMD-8

Pandora RMD-8
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Relay module Pandora RMD-8 extends abilities of alarm systems, especially when installing on cars without CAN buses. Module is included in a set of Pandora DXL 5000 S, DXL 3970 Pro v2, Pandect X-1170 and can be optionally added to other Pandora and Pandect systems. The module works with those systems via CAN bus and adds eight additional channels, three of which features up to 20A output capacity and two – up to 1A.

Pandora RMD-8 provides a temperature sensor and additional outputs for handbrake/AT selector, spark plugs and engine statuses monitoring. Module can be used to implement a remote start function for Pandect X-1700 and Pandect X-1800.

Compatible with:
  • Pandora DXL 5000 S
  • Pandora DXL 3970 Pro v2
  • Pandect X-1800
  • Pandect X-1700
  • Pandect X-1170
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