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Pandora Band fitness tracker

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The Pandora Band is compatible only with the Pandora/Pandect systems featuring Bluetooth 5.0:

  • Pandora DXL-47xx model line
  • Pandora DXL 91 LoRa v3
  • Pandect X-4G.
  • Pandora UX-4G model line

The band isn't compatible with any other systems.

Main features

The Pandora Band is an ergonomic, waterproof fitness tracker with a built-in step counter. You can also use it as a remote or an immobilizer tag to control your Pandora alarm system.

The tracker uses Bluetooth to synchronize with the alarm, which, for its part, synchronizes with either the owner's smartphone or GPS, always providing you with the exact time.

It takes only 20 minutes to fully recharge the tracker, and it won't need to be charged again for some 10-14 days, depending on how often you use it.

Using your fitness tracker

The Pandora Band is fully compatible with all the Pandora and Pandect systems featuring Bluetooth. Using this tracker, you can always monitor your alarm's status, arm and disarm it, remote start the engine, get notified if any of the sensors triggers.

It is very convenient to use the Pandora Band as an immobilizer tag - you don't have to remember to carry the actual tag with you and to change batteries in it.

The Pandora Band is compatible with bands of one of the most popular fintess trackers in the world: Mi-Band 2/3. You can buy a band in any color you like and change it in a couple of seconds.

22.03.2021, 05:06
Hi, which straps/bands are these compatible with, mi band 2 or 3? On the description it says 2/3 but 2 and 3 are different size. Thanks
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