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Pandora Watch 2 Plus

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The cutting-edge Pandora Watch 2 Plus smart watch communicates with your smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0 and can control your Pandora car or motorcycle alarm directly, without employing the cell phone. The watch works up to two weeks on a single charge even with the display turned on at all times.

The watch boasts ergonomic control and display interfaces, a MEMORY-LCD indicator and its own OS developed by Pandora. Steady work and safety of the OS are of the highest priority since the watch is used to control the vehicle's alarm system. The watch case is made of titanium which guarantees its durability.

The Pandora Watch 2 Plus differs from its predecessor, Pandora Watch 2, in the LiPo accumulator, which capacity has been increased to 430 mA/h, and an enhanced Bluetooth interface. Also the memory has been expanded and can now hold more tracks and events. The watch notifies you of all the events happening to the car by signals and vibration; its display also shows your income calls, SMS, Push and e-mails.

The watch comes with a pulse monitor, which will be of great use when doing exercise or playing sports. The built-in accelerometer provides you with precise data and will be appreciated by both amateur and professional sportspeople.  

The Pandora Watch 2 Plus is developed and produced in Russia: all the stages of production from plastic molding and milling of titanium parts to final cut take place in Pandora’s own plant in Kaluga, Russia.

Luke spencer
12.03.2021, 23:44
Hi when will the watch 2 plus model be released? I'd like to order one, thanks
Pandora team
18.03.2021, 13:14
Luke spencer, Hi! The manufacturer hasn't announced the release day yet.
23.01.2021, 18:06
Availability for the Czech market? Alternatively, can you order privately to the Czech Republic?
Pandora team
25.01.2021, 09:01
Tomáš, Hi, we ship worldwide. But this item has only been announced and hasn't been rolled out yet. The current model is Pandora Watch 2.
Juraj havas
13.09.2020, 19:55
Avaiable ? Price? Thank you. Juraj-Slovakia
Pandora team
23.09.2020, 14:36
Juraj havas, Hi, the watch is not available yet. As soon as it is in stock, the price will be shown.
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