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Pandora DXL 4710

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Remote start
Remote start
Rolling code
Rolling code
GSM modem
CAN-bus connection
CAN-bus connection
Immobilizer with tags
Immobilizer tag
Smartphone Apps
iOS and Android apps
Control with OEM key
Control with OEM key
Pandora CLONE immobilizer bypass
Pandora CLONE immobilizer bypass
Remote control over preheaters
Remote control over preheaters

The Pandora DXL 4710 features a modern 4G/3G/2G GSM modem, which allows it to work properly in all available communication bands.

Its Bluetooth interface is built up on the NRF52840 system-on-chip and boasts full compatibility with all the Bluetooth 5.0 protocols. The main units of the discontinued DXL 39xx model line have inspired the form of the Pandora DXL 4710’s main unit – it is exceptionally ergonomic and convenient when it comes to mounting. Needless to say, that the new main unit is notably thinner and lighter, and is equipped with modern connectors.

You can control the system via the website or convenient mobile apps for iOS and Android, keeping in touch with the car wherever you are. The integrated GPS/GLONASS module provides you with your car’s precise positioning data and allows controlling not only the current whereabouts, but also the whole track within the chosen period of time.

The 3CAN+2LIN interface makes it possible to integrate the Pandora DXL 4710 in modern cars easily and delicately. Of course, the system features the most wanted feature of all times – remote start. You can start the engine remotely directly before the trip, or preset an automatic launch by various parameters. The Pandora DXL 4710 can bypass the immobilizers of most modern cars algorithmically, so there’s no need to leave one of the OEM keys inside or make a copy of it in order to get remote start.

System set:

  • Main unit - 1 pc.
  • BT-760 immobilizer tag - 2 pc.
  • PS-330 siren - 1 pc.
  • Remote starter - 1 pc.
  • IMMO interface cable - 1 pc.
  • USB/micro USB cable - 1 pc.
  • External GSM antenna - 1 pc.
  • BS2 button - 1 pc.
  • Temperature sensor - 1 pc.
  • Mounting kit - 1 pc.
  • User manual and connecting scheme - 1 pc.
  • Packaging

The GSM module may not work in some countries, please contact us for more details before placing your order.

 Pandora DXL 47xx systems compared


Pandora DXL 4790

Pandora DXL 4750

Pandora DXL 4710




Immobilizer tag

BT-760 (2 шт.)

BT-760 (2 шт.)

BT-760 (2 шт.)


+ + +

 Remote start and Pandora CLONE

+ + +


4G 4G 4G
Remote start module




Remote start

+ + +
Immobilizer relay


Option Option

PS-331 BT



Remote start Yes
Rolling code Yes
Turbo timer Yes
CAN-bus connection Yes
Immobilizer with tags Yes
Shock sensor Yes
Motion sensor Yes
Tilt sensor Yes
Wireless immobilizer relays Option - BTR-101
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0
Smartphone Apps Yes
Control with OEM key Yes
Pandora CLONE immobilizer bypass Yes
Remote control over preheaters Yes
11.04.2021, 11:08
Hi..I spoke with the PANDORA representative in Greece about installing the alarm on my car and he told me that I could not install it because it is not compatible with European cars.
Βefore placing the order I had asked the sait if it is compatible with my car and you had answered that it is compatible.
I would like to ask if I can install?
I would also like to ask if he knows anyone in Greece who could do that?
My car is seat leon 1.5 cng.
Pandora team
19.04.2021, 09:48
NIKOS T, There shouldn't be any problems installing the DXL 4710 in your car. The representative in Greece probably told you he coudn't install it because they work only with "European" Pandora alarms, which are basically the same we have here in Russia, but in a different packaging. The only shortcoming is that the DXL 4710's installation manual in the Russian language only, but the mobile App could be switched into English.
10.04.2021, 21:26
It's me again. ... I forget to mention, That Fiat 500x have keyless starting.
Pandora team
19.04.2021, 09:49
Sorin, Hi, yes, the system is compatible with your car.
10.04.2021, 21:09
Good evening,
I have a Fiat 500x from 2015 with start/stop, and I'm curious if is compatible with this system provided by Pandora.
Thank you
22.02.2021, 01:17
Hi.will this work with MB e-class W211 2009 and will the remote start work without having to purchase any other accessories? Also works with factory webasto?
Pandora team
03.03.2021, 09:24
Ivo, Hi! Yes, it works with the factory Webasto. If you have automatic transmission and the FBS3 system, no additional accessories or OEM keys will be needed for remote start.
Nikos T
29.01.2021, 14:53
I want to buy this allarn system with BTR-101 for my SEAT LEON 1.5 TGI (CNG) model 2020. I want to ask if
if I need to order additional equipment to work properly with my car?
Pandora team
01.02.2021, 15:01
Nikos T, Hi, you'll need the DI-04 BT bypass module to realize remote start
26.01.2021, 22:00
How much is the power consumption of the DXL 4710 to be able to calibrate a fuse ?
Thank you.
Pandora team
01.02.2021, 15:09
Dan, Hi, unfortunately we don't have this information, please contact the tech support at
Nikos T
17.01.2021, 23:31
Hello! Pandora CLONE won't work with my car, so in order to have remote start can I used Pandora DI-04 BT without I need to use one of the OEM keys or copy it ?
Pandora team
20.01.2021, 09:50
Nikos T, the Pandora DI-04 T requires using the OEM key or its copy. If Pandora CLONE doesn't work for your car, you'll need to provide the key anyway.
30.12.2020, 08:52
Hi, is it compatible with the Mustang 2019 (S550) manual transmission European model? Is the remote start available in manual transmission models? Can I install it by myself without expertise assistance?
Pandora team
20.01.2021, 09:56
Vasilis , Hi, the system is compatible with your car and remote start will work all right, only you''ll need to give up one of the OEM keys or its copy. You can't install it yourself without being an expert.
29.12.2020, 04:36
Hey would this DXL4710 remote starter work on 2013 bmw m6 coupe? Living in canada Toronto and it would be amazing in winter
Pandora team
20.01.2021, 10:00
Alo, Hi, we don't have much of those cars here in Russia, so it's hard to say. If it's possible to remote start you car then Pandora can do it as well, probably it would be a good idea to contact the garage where you're planning to install the system and ask them if they can realize remote start on your car.
Nikos T
06.11.2020, 14:54
Hello. Is this product fully compatible with seat leon 1.5 tgi 2020?
Pandora team
09.11.2020, 10:56
Nikos T, Hi! It is, but Pandora CLONE won't work with your car, so in order to have remote start you'll need to use one of the OEM keys or copy it.
12.10.2020, 18:15
hello, can this model also be used in Europe with 4G 3G 2G (Germany SIM)?
Pandora team
21.10.2020, 10:45
Martin, hi, yes, it can.
05.10.2020, 12:51
Can I buy from Thailand?
Pandora team
21.10.2020, 10:45
gsladmin, Sure! We ship worldwide.
Stephen HoSang
18.08.2020, 21:56
I have a 2020 BMW M2 Comp. Would the DXL4710 work with my car. Remote start would be wonderful in the winter. Living in Toronto , Canada...
Pandora team
23.09.2020, 14:45
Stephen HoSang, hi there. Unfortunately there's no firmware for your car yet, so the Pandora systems are not compatible with it as of this moment :(
02.03.2020, 12:16
Successfully installed DXL4710BT with my Fortuner. But there is a problem with remote start. It can't keep the engine when disarm. Any suggestions on settings?
Pandora team
03.03.2020, 23:41
ธนวัฒน์, Hi! For many cars this is the only possible algorithm - the engine would stop after disarming and you would have to start it again.
To be on the safe side, please check with the official support via
19.02.2020, 23:19
Hi which alarm and remote start system and what exactly I need to buy for Mercedes W205 C250d 2016 keyless go!
Pandora team
20.02.2020, 14:19
Kamen, Hi! All our systems are compatible with your car, so it's up to you to decide which one suits your needs best. As for remote start, Pandora can't bypass your car's immobilizer without using the OEM key. Please contact your local garage where you plan to install the system to find out more about remote start on your car.
11.02.2020, 21:31
Production date is 23th May 2008. Please confirm which BMW code you require.
Pandora team
13.02.2020, 13:09
Mit, Ok thanks. I mean those codes like E90, E92, etc.
If you have M3 Coupe (E92/E93) or M3 Sedan (E90), you'll need the Pandora BMW Bypass module to get remote start and preserve all the OEM keys.
09.02.2020, 13:56
Will this system work on a 2008 bmw m3 and will the remote start works as well without having to purchase any other accessories? Also what is the difference between this alarm system and the Pandect X-1900 BT 3G system?
Pandora team
11.02.2020, 17:37
Mit, hi!
Can you specify your BMW's code and year of production, please?
As for the differences: DXL 4710 features a 4G modem, and X-1900 BT 3G - a 3G modem. Also, DXL 4710 has a 3CAN+2LIN interface, while X-1900 BT 3G - a 2CAN interface.
01.12.2019, 19:50
Is there an English voice file for this system (like for DXL39xx PRO series)?

Pandora team
19.12.2019, 15:10
Wojciech, unfortunately, not
19.11.2019, 18:39
is 4G / 3G / 2G GSM system supported in Thailand ?
Please recomment the model suitable for Thailand
Pandora team
26.11.2019, 16:24
thanawat, 4710 should work there.
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