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Pandect BT-100

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Immobilizer Pandect BT-100 authotizes car owner by the immobilizer tag or the smartphone via Bluetooth Smart. One of the system’s main advantages is very low power consumption – it requires only 3A in an active mode.

Included immobilizer tag can operate on a single battery for 3 years. Car owner can also use his/her Android smartphone not only for authorization, but also to perform settings: for example, the distance at which Pandect BT-100 identifies a signal from the tag or the smartphone can be chosen by the owner. If an attempt is made to start off and the transceiver doesn't receive a valid code, the ignition (or the fuel system) is disabled.

System set:

  1. Main unit - 1 pc.
  2. BT-760 immobilizer tag - 2 pc.
  3. Leather case for the tags - 1 pc.
  4. Beeper - 1 pc.
  5. Mounting kit - 1 pc.
  6. Plastic card with a PIN code - 1 pc.
  7. User and installation manuals
  8. Packaging
Please note that this system has been developed for the Russian market, so all the manuals are available in Russian only.
Rolling code Yes
Immobilizer with tags Yes
Wireless immobilizer relays Yes
Bluetooth Smart Yes
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