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Pandora Camper Pro

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The Pandora Camper Pro is meant for campers, caravans and auto homes.

There’s an OLED remote in the set, which allows you to control the system and receive notifications conveniently. The Pandora Camper Pro is also packed with six DMS-100 BT v2 sensors that secure the multiple doors and windows. Moreover, it comes with a wireless module providing control over integrated TRUMA heaters.

Apart from the remote, you can also stay in touch with your camper via the Pandora apps for iOS and Android, and website available from any browser. No matter the distance between you and your auto home, you can check up on it anytime or receive an important notification.

The integrated GPS module determines the precise positioning data of the camper and shows the whole path travelled within a specified period of time. The Pandora Camper Pro can work with to SIM cards, and features an integrated microphone: by dialing the system’s number whenever needed, you can hear out what is happening inside the vehicle.

Rolling code Yes
Remote LCD two-way pager Yes
Shock sensor Yes
Motion sensor Yes
Tilt sensor Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Smartphone Apps Yes
Remote control over preheaters Yes
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