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Pandora Light

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Pandora Light is a remote start and car security system which is controlled by a 2-way LCD remote uses a dialogue encryption. Remote allows to issue dozens of commands and to monitor main car parameters: voltage, engine and outside temperature, alarm status, fuel level, etc.

Using Pandora Light, you can start an engine remotely when you need it or set up an automatic start by time, temperature or voltage. System features an integrated algorithmic immobilizer bypass – for many cars there is no need to use one of the original keys for remote start. Pandora Light can also control over Webasto and Eberspacher preheaters – it can be connected to a preheater directly via LIN-bus, K-Line or W-bus.

Pandora Light utilizes 868 MHz multichannel radio path and AES-128 algorithm dialog encryption to ensure protection from code grabbers. System has integrated shock and motion sensors and responses adequately to any event.

This system is an all-inclusive solution and requires no additional modules – all you need is already included in a set.

System set:

  • Base unit
  • Main control remote with LCD
  • Supplementary control remote without LCD
  • Main cable
  • Cable with three-colored light indicatorCable with VALET button
  • Siren
  • LIN interface wire
  • Fastening kit
  • User installation manual with wiring diagram
  • Relay automatic start module
  • Temperature sensor
  • Packaging
Remote start Yes
Rolling code 1
Turbo timer Yes
CAN-bus connection Yes
Remote LCD two-way pager Yes
Additional one-way pager Yes
Shock sensor Yes
Motion sensor Yes
Adapted to the international market Yes
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