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Pandora Smart

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This product is available for purchase only in the authorized car service.
Available analogue:
Pandect X-1800 BT + RMD 5M
Pandect X-1800 BT + RMD 5M
342 $
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Alarm system Pandora Smart features a GSM modem and a Bluetooth interface that allow you to control your car via your smartphone.

GSM modem can work with your local SIM card, it allows to control a car via mobile app for iOS and Android, or voice calls. Pandora Smart can also provide you with approximate positioning data via LBS or exact coordinates via GPS (optional GPS module required). All this servive is free – you pay you’re your mobile provider fees.

Pandora apps allow you to check various parameters: temperature, voltage, fuel level, system status, event history, etc. You can control Pandora and your car from OEM key, immobilizer tags (as well Hands Free), smartphone and any other gadget using online service.

Pandora Smart features integrated shock and motion sensors which ensure response to any event. Alarm system monitors statuses of doors, hood, trunk, ignition, brake pedal, etc. It is easy to integrate Pandora in a modern car – it uses CAN-bus driver to access on-board network. In order to perform settings or update a software all you need is connect Pandora to a laptop via micro-USB.

You can start your engine remotely with Pandora Smart – just use your smartphone to start an engine immediately or preset an automatic launch by temperature, time or voltage.

System set:

  • Base unit
  • Tag 2.4 GHz - 2pc.
  • Leather case for tags
  • Main cable
  • Cable with VALET button and three-colored light indicator
  • Siren
  • Fastening kit
  • User installation manual
  • Plastic card with individual secret code
  • Packaging
  • Beeper (compact sound emitter)
  • Microphone
03.02.2018, 21:27

respected, Is it possible to install a remote ignition for the bmw x5 E70 3.0 d, the year of production in 2008, and how much does this extra module cost
Pandora team
05.02.2018, 15:52
Emir, we don't have these modules on this website, only on our Russian one. The module costs 14500 roubles (~$256), and your OEM key is also required.
03.02.2018, 20:28
Hello I have a smart Pandora in my car. And I want the program for Mac not the app to make some changes along- can I download it from somewhere??
Pandora team
05.02.2018, 15:39
Vasilis , please contact the tech support via
25.01.2018, 01:24

I have a smart pandora, the lamp does not light up red when the alarm is on, how can I correct it?
Pandora team
28.01.2018, 17:11
Emir, please contact tech support via
Péter Horváth
07.12.2017, 15:57
Usuallay. 10mb-50mb or 1500mb-15000mb?? :)
Pandora team
07.12.2017, 16:10
Péter Horváth, 10-50 mb :) Definetely not 150000 mb :)
Péter Horváth
01.12.2017, 07:48
How Much Mobile Internet Is Your Device Usually?
Pandora team
07.12.2017, 15:46
Péter Horváth, this particular system is out of production, but usually GSM systems don't consume much - it depends on how regularly you use it.
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