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Pandora Light Pro v2

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New Remote Control

A small sized, ergonomic remote control provides access to all main functions of the system. New transceivers with LoRa modulation provide reliable connection at a very long range. It allows you to monitor car state at a record distance in a very noisy environment.

An informative high-contrast OLED display, a 868MHz radio channel protected against interference, a LED indicator, sound and vibro notifications, a built-in USB port for charging, 3 control buttons provide maximum information and ease of use.

Integrated Bluetooth

Built-in 2.4 GHz radio-interface with the protected Bluetooth Low Energy protocol provides a reliable data transmission between a base unit and additional devices. Bluetooth devices allow you to expand security and service functions of the system. You can add a remote control D-030, a Bluetooth tag BT-760, an engine compartment module RHM-03BT, radio relays BTR-101 and BT-01, a Bluetooth module DI-04, GPS/GLONASS-receiver NAV-035BT, a door sensor DMS-100BT.

Mobile Apps

Mobile applications for Android and iOS (Pandora BT) control the main functions of the system (arming/disarming, engine operation, control over engine and engine preheaters operation). The applications provide service information: events history, on-board voltage, engine and interior temperature, fuel level. Pandora BT application allows you to set remote and automatic engine start parameters, shock/tilt/motion sensors sensitivity, it also allows you to adjust radio tags for Hands Free function and use your mobile phone as a radio tag. Minimum requirements: Android 4.4, iOS 10, Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy.

Bluetooth Tag

A miniature Bluetooth tag is included in the system set. The tag has a button for arming/disarming. Bluetooth interface allows implementing a reliable Hands Free function with adjustable operating distance, immobilizer and Anti-Hi-Jack functions.

Integrated Accelerometer

An integrated 3D accelerometer and elaborate algorithms allows the system to control the vehicle shock/tilt/motion security zones and perform engine blocking on movement starting. New high sensitive and reliable accelerometer provides smart protection and prevents false alarms.

Remote Start

The system allows you to remotely start and stop the engine or to set automatic engine start by different parameters (by time, voltage or temperature). The system performs a reliable control over the engine operating parameters and your vehicle status. The Turbo timer and Ignition backing functions allows to work correctly with turbocharged engines and to leave a car armed without a key inside while the engine is running.

Imobilizer Bypass

An integrated algorithmic bypass of an original car immobilizer and Pandora CLONE servers allow the system to bypass or clone an original car key in order to implement the remote engine start function for many modern cars.

Control Over Engine Preheaters

If your car has an engine preheater, you can control it using a Pandora system. Try the most modern and effective way to heat your car before or while driving.

Low Power Consumption

The most modern algorithmic solutions, the latest electronic components and the new MCU Cortex M4 allow you to extend the system’s operation time in “Arm” mode as long as possible without the need to recharge the battery.

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