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Pandect X-1100 Moto

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Pandect X-1100 moto is a service and security system developed for motorcycles. System owner has no need to use any control remotes – it is inconvenient to do in gloves. The easiest way to arm and disarm a system is using a Hands Free mode - if the owner with 2.4 GHz tag enters particular range, the system will disarm, and will arm again when the owner will leave this range.

In order to perform any settings use your cell phone – call Pandora and enter your command with DTMF. System includes shock-, motion- and tilt sensors – whatever happens with your motorcycle you will know about it immediately via SMS or incoming call. Pandect X-1100 moto also includes GPS-module NAV-03: you can receive motorcycle position in any moment you need it.

Base unit is very small (almost as small as an immobilizer tag) so it is easy to hide it in a motorcycle. There is a remote start function in Pandect X-1100 moto – you can start or block an engine using your cell phone.

System set:

  1. Base  unit
  2. Immobilizer  tags (2 pc)
  3. Leather case for immobilizer tags
  4. Main  cable
  5. Cable with VALET button and three-colored light  indicator
  6. Mounting kit
  7. User  manual
  8. Plastic card with individual secret code
  9. Packaging
  10. Bipper
  11. Microphone
  12. Blockage relay
  13. Turning lights relay
Remote start Yes
Rolling code Yes
CAN-bus connection Yes
Immobilizer with tags Yes
Shock sensor Yes
Motion sensor Yes
Tilt sensor Yes
Wireless immobilizer relays Option - RR-100
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