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Pandora DXL 4970 is our best system as of 2018. The system features Bluetooth interface, 3G GSM module, integrated GPS/GLONASS antenna and many other functions which you won’t find all together in any other car alarm.

Our new system Pandect X-1900 3G features a 3G-GSM-modem which allows using the system in any country and provides the best signal level.

We have some good news to report – Pandect X-1800 BT, Pandect X-3110 and Pandect X-3150 are already available!

Pandora DX-90 BT allows using a smartphone as a tag and has a small leakproof siren in its set.

Cheaper version of Pandora DX-90 BT is now available — meet Pandora DX-90 B!

New feature is now available for Pandora DXL 3910 Pro, Pandora DXL 3945 Pro and Pandora DXL 3970 Pro v2 - aggressive driving recognition!

Pandora has produced a new motorcycle alarm system – Pandora Moto, which is to provide every motorcycle with a high security level.

From that day forth, Pandora CLONE provides smooth and safe immobilizer bypass for General Motors cars!

Visit AppStore to download a new Pandora BT mobile app allows controlling Pandora Bluetooth-systems via your iPhone.

Mobile app Pandora Pro for iOS has been updated and is already available on the AppStore.

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