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Now website and mobile apps Pandora Online and Pandora Pro for Android and iOS work properly not only with premium alarm systems but with alarms Pandect X-1700/X-30x0.

We are welcoming you to watch our video from the very heart of Pandora - the factory.

Meet the game changer at the car security market – Pandora DX-90 BT featuring Bluetooth Smart.

New alarm system Pandora DX-90 is in stock now.

We’ve performed a research and found out that one of the most popular car alarm system brand outside Russia is Viper. And we should say that it is obvious after performing Pandora and Viper compare that Russian systems are far more featured and affordable.

A new car alarm system Pandora DX-40 is already in stock in our store in Moscow and in an online shop.

Pandora took part in MIAS-2016 in Moscow – the largest cars-related event in Russia. Company announced novelties: Pandora DX-40 and DX-90 with an integrated immobilizer bypass, Pandora DXL 4970 and the first Pandect immobilizer with Bluetooth Smart – Pandect BT-100.

Pandora has just released an update for Pandora and Pandect firmware, which is to extend their features when connecting via CAN bus.

Meet Pandora CLONE - a new service that cooperates Pandora/Pandect alarm systems, Pandora Alarm Studio software, and a special datebase server which storages algorithms needed for a car immobilizer bypass.

Pandect Info app developed to control Pandora and Pandect car alarm system is already available in Google Play for Android users.

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